Process Development

Reshamca LLC is continuing to play a valuable role in helping to expand the use, and high tensile strength benefits, of Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) as the material-of-choice for automotive powertrain castings…in particular cylinder blocks and heads. Intrinsically, CGI processing allows castings to be made with thin walls and lighter bulkheads while still maintaining product strength and integrity. Many of the new generation diesel engines are using CGI and most recently, Reshamca LLC successfully helped to develop the foundry process, produce prototypes and launch a new CGI program at a foundry in China.

Reshamca LLC has developed a logical strategy of project guidelines for castings that include:

  • Receiving CAD product data
  • Design core packs
  • Simulate fluid fill & solidification
  • Manufacture prototype tooling
  • Produce prototype castings
  • Test the castings
  • Pour in Detroit & in China

The focus of Reshamca’s process development for CGI castings utilizes precision sand core pack technology that will achieve major cost savings over conventional greensand systems. The cost savings are derived from having the ability to:

  • Design the product for production
  • Produce thin casting walls of 3mm
  • Cast in place oil feeds and drains, water passages and cylinder liners
  • Reduce required machining
  • High dimensional stability
  • Have process transparency from prototype to production

In terms of percentages, typical expected savings over greensand systems can be:

  • 30% on capital equipment
  • 40% on process materials
  • 40% energy savings
  • 10% reduction in direct costs
  • 15% for product opportunities
  • 100% sand reclamation

If your global strategy includes the application of CGI processing for powertrain castings…contact us and we can provide you with a detailed overview of what services we provide to launch your program.     

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